Our hooks are known by the quality of performance and a guarantee of comfortable use. For years we have been using raw materials only from reliable and approved suppliers, that’s why MyTomatoHooks is the brand that guarantee the highest quality of workmanship and usability.

The advantages of the hooks offered by mytomatohooks.com::

  • each carton has an individual production tag (we follow the production process);
  • we wind the rope very carefully (as also free-fall bundle),
  • winding the rope on a hook without traces of deformation of hook and rope,
  • high quality and repeatability of hooks packaging,
  • we use flap-type boxes, with durable cardboard, that is why our hooks are easy to handle when unpacking and hanging in a greenhouse,
  • regardless of the type of free-fall, our hooks are always packed in such a way, that they are easily accessible and do not tangle with other hooks in the carton, when they are removing and hanging in the greenhouse,
  • if you use our biodegradable Eco Friendly rope, then the recycling of waste from polypropylene rope will not be a problem for you anymore! Be ECO!